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Protect your company's data and comply with the legislation. Professional data protection service in Barcelona.

Confidentiality of information

Data protection and compliance with the Data Protection Law (LOPD) are vital aspects for any company.

In our Barcelona-based company, we offer a comprehensive data protection service to help you ensure the security of the information you handle, both that of your customers and your employees.

Our services include the review and updating of the necessary documents to comply with the LOPD, conducting audits and training your employees so they can act responsibly and with knowledge in relation to data protection.

Additionally, we advise you on the implementation of technical and organizational measures necessary to protect your company’s information.

We also offer a legal advice service in the field of data protection, to ensure that your company complies with current legislation at all times.

We are up to date on all news and updates in data protection legislation and work to ensure that your company can meet the necessary requirements.

In summary, our data protection service is designed to help your company comply with current regulations and protect sensitive information of your business.

With our advice and training, you will be prepared to act in the event of any incident or security breach.

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